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The Spring Semester is underway here in Cambridge, which means it’s time to introduce the Blended Cohort of the MIT SCM class of 2021! When we all arrived at the beginning of the year, most of us blended students were excited, if not a bit nervous, to see what MIT was all about. Now that we have a few weeks of classes under our belts, I’m thrilled to report that MIT lives up to the hype (even during COVID).

We have spent the past few months moving, acclimating, meeting new friends, and challenging ourselves. And now that we’ve gotten a chance to get to know each other, we thought it would be a good opportunity for you to get to know us as well.

Who are we?

The blended cohort is made up of 37 professionals from around the world. At an average, we are a little older than the residential students and with a bit more experience. We hail from all different industries and have held many different positions. We even have an entrepreneur with his own successful business and a village official currently up for re-election in her hometown. We also have a wide array of passions ranging from SCM sustainability to birding.

Where are we from?

We come from all over the world! We represent 18 different countries and have been having a wonderful time sharing our language, food, and cultural heritage with each other. For example, I learned that in Venezuela it is commonly understood that if you accidentally take a sip of your friend’s drink you automatically learn all her secrets. A handy thing to know indeed.

Map of the SCMb Students' Countries of Origin
Map of the SCMb Students’ Countries of Origin
What did we study?

This is pretty common at MIT, but I would be remiss if I didn’t admit that the blended students were a bunch of nerds. While 64% of us majored in engineering during undergrad and another 18% majored in business, there is diversity in our degrees, including Chemistry and Sociology. 35% of us already have a Master’s degree in our arsenal and are now back in school for more. And of course, we have all studied the material in the MIT SCx courses.

SCMb Students Experience Profile
SCMb Students Experience Profile

What’s next?

So far, the SCM program has been exciting, exhausting, and enthralling. Though COVID prevents some of the fun we might have had, we have still come together (virtually and in person) to get as much out of our short time on campus as possible. We’re excited to see what’s next and to look forward to sharing those experiences with you!

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