Ever wondered if the weather will be ideal for wearing your Speedo at the MIT commencement ceremony?

Written by Brent McCunney, SCMb candidate 2019

When or When Not to Wear a Speedo at MIT

So, you are considering going to MIT for six months or more and cannot imagine going without getting your Speedo on and going for a run around campus? Or maybe you just can’t decide whether to bring a one-piece swimsuit, two-piece, Speedo, or board shorts for all the possible future MIT pool parties? If either of these questions has popped into your mind, read on and rest easy, for here we are going to answer both questions and more.


MIT has phenomenal opportunities for wearing a Speedo including the Zesiger or Wang center pools (Zesiger Center pool in image below) and any of the grass fields throughout campus. Although the weather is rather cool in the winter with average daily high temperatures of approximately 38°F (2°C) the Zesiger Center pools are indoors and open all year around. Sometimes MIT recreational sports such as water polo or innertube water polo close portions of the pool or MIT varsity sports such as swimming, diving, and water polo result in all of the pools being closed. But even with the closures there are typically periods of every day where the pool is available for open swimming. Given the availability of a wonderful indoor heated pool, wearing a Speedo is an option for any MIT student/graduate student throughout the entire year. Additionally, intramural and club sports are always available and very welcoming to any individuals looking for a reason to get their swimsuit on. MIT has something for everyone whether you are experienced or not, with physical education swim classes for many skill levels.

Image from: http://www.mitrecsports.com/aquatics/4-swim-safety-tips-for-summer/


If spending time in the pool isn’t enough time in your Speedo, there are plenty of grass fields located throughout campus to get your tan on. It might be a little cold in the winter, but May is absolutely perfect for some time in the sun. With average daily high temperatures of 69°F (21°C), the month of May presents many opportunities for getting together with a group and lying out in the beautiful grass or taking the time to go for a Speedo run around campus. Killian Court (image below), right in front of the great MIT Dome, has fantastic grassy and sunny areas for soaking up the sun.

Image from: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:MIT_Killian_Court.jpg Attribution: Madcoverboy at English Wikipedia

Enjoy MIT

MIT may be rigorous and challenging but it also presents many opportunities for you to enjoy yourself. If you are looking for a place to expand and grow and still want to participate in sports and enjoy the pool, MIT is the right place for you. MIT has recreational sports, aquatic lessons, and free swimming available for everyone. Come to MIT for the academics and take some time to enjoy the leisure activities. I have taken the time to use MITs pools and gym as well as enjoyed the outdoors and every minute was worth it.

More information on the MIT pools can be found at: http://www.mitrecsports.com/

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