Capstone Project Trip – A New Adventure to the Windy City

Written By: Xiyang Yuan

The capstone project trip is always a unique and extraordinary adventure. We’re honored to work with C.H. Robinson – a Fortune 500 provider of multimodal transportation services and third-party logistics – on our capstone project and got invited to visit their TMC division based in Chicago on October 8th – 9th. We decided to fly in one day earlier to explore the windy city.X1

The Chicago Bean (Photo by Xiyang Yuan)

The Cloud Gate in the Millennium Park was of course our first stop. The famous Chicago Bean made of stainless steel perfectly reflects the skyline. The most interesting part of this structure is that when you walk beneath it, you can see multiple reflections of yourself. There is even a Greek name for this type of structure – omphalos. But we didn’t stay there for too long since there were so many people there. We decided to go through the Park and take a turn at Monroe Street to Lake Michigan. I didn’t actually get a taste of Chicago wind until I stood as the side of the Lake. It feels like an ocean because you can’t see the end of it. Walking by the shore made me feel calm. I just embraced the wind and let it clear my mind. It’s amazing to have such a lake inside the city. X2

The Art Institute of Chicago (Photo by Xiyang Yuan)

People say one thing you can’t miss in the windy city is The Art Institute of Chicago  . The second largest art museum in the United States has so many iconic pieces, such as Georges Seurat’s “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte” and Grant Wood’s “American Gothic”. I chose to follow the essential tour provided by the Institute and visited the most famous 15 works. If you are a fan of art, this is heaven. I wish I could spend a whole week there to study every single collection and its history. Next time I visit Chicago, I’m definitely going to do that.

One big regret of this trip is that the tallest building in Chicago – the Willis Tower – was closed due to the weather. But this was made up for when the company brought us to the Signature Room for dinner. The restaurant, located on the 95th floor of the Hancock Building, gave us the perfect view of the lake and the city. See the sun goes down little by a little and wait for the city to light up. Enjoy a glass of wine while looking at the night view of the Windy City. We just couldn’t stop taking pictures, the view changes every minute. This, I would call, the biggest surprise of the trip.


The Michigan Lake (Photo by Xiyang Yuan)


The night view of Chicago City (Photo by Xiyang Yuan)

Of course, we were here for our capstone project. We had a one-and-a-half-day meeting with the key members of C.H. Robinson TMC division. By brainstorming with different managers and going through research data, we defined our research scope and determined how we are going to build the model. I feel so glad that I chose this project, which not only allows me to work in-depth on an engaging topic, but also grants me a chance to explore a city I had always wanted to visit. Windy windy, singing city!

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